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Both locations will be closed Thursday November 27th – Sunday November 30th. We will be returning on Monday December 1st. Have a safe and happy holiday.

End of the year sale


Starting today we are having a sale on old stock items in the yard. Save up to 70% on certain items. Call for Available inventory and pricing. This is a first come first serve sale.


Click on link below to see full list of items available during this sale.

End of the year sale

Call us 702-651-1550

Solids and Caps

4x4x16 Solid

8x4x16 Solid V Groove

6x4x16 Solid V Groove

12x4x16 Solid V Groove

8x4x16 Solid

8x4x16 Beveled Solid

10x4x16 Solid

16x8x16 Solid Beveled

6x2x16 Caps/Slabs

8x2x16 Caps/Slab


8x4x16 Slump

8x4x8 Slump

6x4x16 Slump

6x6x8 Slump

8x6x8 Slump

6x6x8 Slump

6x6x16 Sump

8x6x16 Slump

12x6x16 Slump

Standard Block

6x4x16 Regular

8x4x16 Regular

6x6x8 Half Block

6x6x16 Regular

8x6x16 Regular

6x8x16 Solid Bottom

8x6x16 Regular

8x8x16 Regular

8x8x8 U Block

8x8x8 Half Block

6x8x8 Half Block

6x8x8 Interlock

10x8x16 L Block

10x8x8 Half Block

10x8x16 Regular

10x8x16 H Block

10x8x16 A Block

12x8x8 Half Block

12x8x8 U Block

12x4x8 Regular

12x8x16 Regular

12x8x16 Bond Beam

16x8x16 O Block

Split-Face Block

6x8x8 Split-face 1 side

6x6x16 Split-face 1 side

6x6x8 Split-face 1 side

6x6x16 Split-face 2 side

8x6x16 Split-face 1 side

8x6x16 Split-face 1 side 1 end

8x6x8 Split-face 1 side

12x8x16 Split-face 1 side

12x8x8 Split-face 1 side

8x8x16 Split-face 1 side 1 end

8x8x16 Spit-face 1 side

8x8x16 Split-face 1 side 2 end

8x8x16 Split-face 2 side 1 end

8x8x16 Split-face 2 side

6x8x16 Fluted

8x8x16 Fluted

Bullnose Block

6x8x8 Double Bullnose

8x8x8 Double Bullnose

8x8x8 Single Bullnose

6x8x16 Double Bullnose

8x8x16 Double Bullnose

8x8x16 Single Bullnose

12x8x8 Single Bullnose

12x8x16 Double Bullnose

Closed on July 4th











In celebration of July 4th, both Cind-R-lite locations will be closed. We will return to normal business hours on Monday the 7th.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.