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Looking to do some upgrades to your home or build a wall in your yard?

Homeowners Guide to Block


At Cind-R-lite we sell our products not only to masons but to the general public as well. Learn about our different product offerings below. We also offer calculators at the bottom of the page to give you a rough estimate of how much block you might need. If you have any questions or concerns give us a call or stop in to see us. Our staff can help you determine exactly what you will need for your next DIY project.

Precision Block

Also known as "smooth" or "regular" block, this unit is the classic concrete block. It is available in many different shapes and sizes.

Precision Block Colors

Split-Face Block

A concrete masonry unit that features a rugged rough finish. The block has a uneven natural split texture which exposes the beautiful natural aggregates inside.

Split Face Block Colors

Slump Block

A concrete masonry unit which is compressed slightly after it is formed. This gives the block the unique "slump" look.

Slump Block Colors

Some Common Block Sizes

Measurements are in inches - Width x Height x Length

Retaining Wall

Country Stone

Combining functionality, performance and aesthetic appeal, Country Stone is perfect for terraced gardens, tree rings, or low retaining walls. The unique, patented design makes it easy to create curves and shapes and it saves time by eliminating the need to clean courses. Plus, Country Stone's unique design allows you to build vegetated walls, offering homeowners even more design flexibility.

Country Stone Garden Wall Colors

Classic 8

Classic® 8 is the high performance block preferred by architects, builders, developers, and engineers worldwide. It is known for its ease of installation, strength, and versatility. Classic 8 provides extra support for the most critical applications. Whether the wall is supporting a retail development or backyard sanctuary, Classic 8 is the best solution for any type of retaining wall application.

Classic 8 Retaining Wall Colors

StoneWall Sahalee

Stonewall Sahalee is a building system comprised of three block units, with textured faces, front and back. The stones are traditionally antiqued with a process that highlights and enhances their individual appearance. The units are hand laid and require no specialized tools or skills. Installation is made easy with Stonewall Sahalee’s basic construction steps, pre-designed patterns, dry stack construction, and unique pin and trough alignment system. The Stonewall Sahalee system, assembled into a thoughful patterns, make for classic retaining walls, beautiful meandering garden fences and border walls that highlight, seperate and enhance the landscape of your manor.

StoneWall Sahalee Wall Colors

Materials Calculator

Have any Questions?

Our staff can assist you in figuring out exactly what you will need for your next home project. Come by one of our offices to see the product in person or bring home a sample.

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